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I could feel his cum sliding down my throat as I gobbled every drop. Daddy screamed his erotic orgasmic scream. When he was finished, he slid his now limp cock out of my mouth.

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Robbie's thrusts slowed down until he was pulling his fingers out of my holes. I was lying there panting and trying to catch my breath. Thank you Mr. Simmons, you have made my weekend! But I see that you have another hard on now and I think that you need to take care of that before we go to bed. Which hole do you want to fuck this time, son?

Simmons, I would love for her to ride up and down on my cock, impaling her with my hardness. I'd like to see her suck your cock a little first. I love to watch my baby girl suck on cock. I love to see her take every inch down her throat and have the head of the cock hit the back of her throat. Lie down on the bed Robbie and get into position to have your cock sucked. I got into a kneeling position on the bed and took his hard cock into my mouth.

I sucked and stroked his cock while daddy got behind me and started fingering my quivering pussy. He was thrusting three of his fingers deep into my sloppy wet cunt. He was tickling my g-spot with every thrust and that made me suck Robbie's cock even harder. Daddy took me to the edge of orgasm in no time and then withdrew his fingers. Go ahead and mount that hard cock with your sloppy wet pussy.

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I want to see his cock sliding in and out of your pussy. I want to see the head on every stroke up, young lady! I want you to feel every inch of his cock enter your cunt on every thrust. Ride him like a bucking bronco baby doll. Robbie had not been in my cunt yet and he felt good sliding inside of me. I could get used to having his cock inside of me on a daily basis. Every time I raised my hips, I let his cock slide almost all the way out of my cunt and then I would slam my hips down on his hardness.

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Daddy started smacking my ass with his hand and then sliding his fingers inside my ass. Daddy wanted one more round before going to sleep. His cock was hard and he wanted to fuck my ass again. He loosened me up with his fingers and slid inside my ass slowly. Once he was inside me, he began thrusting hard. He was matching every stroke with Robbie and making me full of cock. I was riding Robbie's cock like a pro and daddy was fucking me like a whore.

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I could feel every inch of both of their cocks inside me. Daddy began striking my ass with every stroke. Robbie reached up and grabbed both of my tits and pinched and twisted my nipples. I was being fucked and used like a whore and I loved it. It made me so hot to know that I was giving them both so much pleasure. I could feel their cocks hardening with every stroke inside me.

I could feel their veins bulging with pressure and I could feel their balls rubbing together underneath me. With a strike from his hand, daddy smacked my ass a smack that rang throughout the room. That was what took me over that time. They both got as deep inside of me as they could when they felt my muscles tightening around their cocks.

I squeezed and screamed and squirted all over them. I felt wonderful with the release and all I could think about was pleasing these two men all of the time. I wanted these two to fuck me every day for the rest of the summer. I was in love with being a fuck whore. When my muscles contracted around their cocks, they filled both of my holes with their hot sticky cum. I felt all of their cum shoot inside of me.

I was so full of cum that it was leaking out of both of my holes. They were spent, finally. I collapsed on top of Robbie and daddy slid his limp dick out of my ass. Robbie's cock was softening and sliding out of my cunt. I rolled over on the bed and looked up into the mirrors that were on the ceiling. I looked like a well fucked whore.

I could see cum sliding out of my pussy and onto the bed. They had fucked me and used me for their pleasure and I loved it! I felt like a true cum whore and I smiled.

Daddy got off the bed and walked over to the sink. He washed his cock off and turned to me and said, "I would suggest that you take our cum to bed with you, at least inside your ass. I want you to take a shower and clean that nasty cunt out of all of that cum but I want you to keep our cum inside of your ass until morning. I think we can put the butt plug back inside you to help you hold all of that nasty cum inside your ass. How's that sound for my baby girl? It would give me some erotic dreams to know that your cum and Robbie's cum is inside my ass being held by that butt plug.

I love feeling like your little whore. Thank you for everything tonight daddy. Thank you Robbie.

I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful summer together. All three of us have had a good time fucking and sucking and making things happen tonight. I loved every minute of this day. Daddy you have made me the happiest 18 year old on earth! Thank you so much! I felt full again.

I got up and went to take a quick shower. Daddy directed me into the four poster bed room. You will sleep here and anticipate me coming to join you in the middle of the night with no notice.

You are mine when I want you and I want you to be available to me at all times. Now let's get you into position. Daddy grabbed my arms and fastened them with ropes to the corners of the bed. There is a buzzer button right next to your right hand, if you need something in the middle of the night just push the button. Sleep well my little whore. We have had a good first day of training. We will have even more fun when Mony joins the three of us tomorrow. I heard him tell Robbie goodnight and then he went to bed. I smiled and immediately found sleep.

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